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Organic Beef Joints

Organic Beef Joints from Graig Farm Organics.

Brisket (boned and rolled)

This cut comes from the breast or lower chest area and comes boned and rolled. Another cut of beef that benefits from slow cooking or braising.


Similar to the silverside, the topside comes from the inner thigh of the cow. This is a solid roasting joint, it is often served rare and is easy to carve.

Sirlion Joint

Quick to roast sirloin of beef joints pre-cut 1 to 5 kg.

Thick Flank

Fast roasting. 1 to 4 kg. Ideal for that Sunday Roast.


 A great grass fed quick roast that you can serve almost rare, our organic beef rump joint is available in 1 to 5kg joint sizes.

Silver Side

Our grass fed, Organic Beef silverside joint makes a perfect Sunday roast for all the family. Not only that, what's left is great cold in sandwiches with a helping of pickle or peppers. Each silverside beef cut comes pre-packed in 1-5kg joints.

Prices are based on the maximum weight within the bracket - we will issue refunds where the weight and thereby the price is reduced or ask for further payments were the Joint is larger than paid for by the customer. 

Delivery will be confirmed closer to the date.

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